History Bachelor Degree doing an History Master Research
(gotta love modern history)
OTH & Naley Always and Forever !!!
Flashpoint & Rookie Blue addict !
BSW Family
OTP : Naley, JAM, Nike, Spinnie, McSwarek, Nail, LoVe, Naudrey, Valkubus, Peckstein
IRL OTP : Jen & Ben, JES, Zissy, Troian & Patrick, Kristen & Dax
One Tree Hill is FINISH, Flashpoint is OVER, Rookie Blue is in 9 MONTHS HIATUS (why o why) & Haven is BACK SEPTEMBER 11th !!!
Saving Hope season 3 September 22nd !
One-Kiera-Two-Alecs-Continuum & Orphan Black are gone 'till next year :-(
Veronica Mars Movie 03.14.14
Bitten is renewed but were is Played's renewal ?!

I miss my Canadian shows

The Pierces' new album Creation is out now go get it !


Rookie Blue cast at TIFF 2013 :

RachaelAncheril : would this be a cruziaz or a diaruz??

Travis Milne :Diaz and Cruz…

Evolution PR :Check out the shot of walking the red (blue) carpet

Rachael Ancheril :I’m celebrating with and

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