History Bachelor Degree doing an History Master Research
(gotta love modern history)
OTH & Naley Always and Forever !!!
Flashpoint & Rookie Blue addict !
BSW Family
OTP : Naley, JAM, Nike, Spinnie, McSwarek, Nail, LoVe, Naudrey, Valkubus
One Tree Hill is FINISH, Flashpoint is OVER
Rookie Blue is BACK MAY 19th (with 22 episodes) & Haven is RENEWED for a 26 episodes-season 5 ! ! !
One-Kiera-Two-Alecs-Continuum is here ! So is Orphan Black & the Clones !!!
Veronica Mars Movie 03.14.14
Continuum, Orphan Black & Motive are currently my Canadian fix


I’m a very public, public person and Missy’s probably got a lot more wisdom in that regard. She doesn’t share a whole bunch of stuff from her personal life. [No one even knew you were dating. And then suddenly the Mr. And Mrs. hoodies… what?] We kind of did it in our own way. She’s amazing. [You married an amazing woman.] She’s amazing! And a Ca-na-dian!

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